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23 hours ago

blinded and swept by chaos, we will always be caught by God

3 days ago

As I look at this picture I see George Floyd. I see Martin Luther King Jr. I see Rosa Parks. I see every individual who has struggled with the fear, hurt, and pain, from racial oppression and exploitation. I am not black. However I am not naive to the fact that I myself have benefited from the influence of black culture significantly. As an artist, a dancer, much of everything I have and will continue to produce and release will greatly be influenced by the black community. Much pain lingers in my heart knowing that many of my brothers and sisters, my CLOSE Friends, may have lived with insecurity and fear while others are obliviously privileged. Today I will be educating myself and researching to learn more about racial discrimination. As well as posting on my stories and bio links on all accounts ways we can participate, help, and be heard. #blacklivesmatter Speak out. Fight for the injustice. Equality is our right as children of God.

1 weeks ago

We are all God’s children. Equal in his eyes. Loved no less than the other. Awareness has been rising for racism that has been existent for far too long. Sending love to all effected by not only the events that have recently occurred but also to those who have dealt with racism in different forms whether big or small throughout their lives. #stopracism #weareallequal

2 weeks ago

when you’ve lost something and you’ve found it again, it has so much more meaning

4 weeks ago

KILL DEM - @bustarhymes 😤💯 #kensanjosechoreography

4 weeks ago

it’s rare when my brother’s birthday and mother’s day fall on the same day. guess i can say, happy family day. love these two people more than i love performing. and that’s my dream.

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#labankapamilya 💚❤️💙

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#ISmileFor video calls with my brother who’s in LA! What do you smile for? Tag myself, @invisalign , and @danceon to let us know! #InvisalignPartner dc: @justmaiko i nominate @peterbjacob @mathewsanjose and @chana .montana paid partnership with @invisalign

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first and last time i’m doin sum like this tt: @ kenpsanjose

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happy international dance day

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when it’s midnight and you set a piece with legends after dancing for hours @sienna .lalau @tayd_dance @brickhouse .nyc song : TOES @dababy

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when u see her walk by

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STRAIGHT 😤 - @tpain ————————————— doin somethin special with this piece on my youtube in a while. stay tuned #kensanjosechoreography filmed by @_romelmanila

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happy @juliandeguz13 day #19 there are some people who will always understand who you are and will just laugh at everything you laugh at. ill never forget the julian and ken fanpage in 2016 that brought these two brothers together for life. 📸 by @thesecretlifeofpeter

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lvl 18

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rooftop sunsets n my stick

Apr 2020

my turn 😤 TOOSIE SLIDE - @champagnepapi @mattsteffanina

Apr 2020

a message to all my followers/friends/fans i just want to take this moment to thank you all for supporting me on my journey through life. i believe we’ve all been given this gift and platform to share love, positivity, and authenticity and it means a thousand and more that you all have endlessly encouraged me to continue to pursue my dreams and the best version of myself. thank you thank you thank you for havin my back. love you guys

Mar 2020

believe it - @partynextdoor @badgalriri

Mar 2020

blow away, watch it blow away when i die i can’t take it to the grave

Mar 2020

MUCH LOVE BRO 😤💯 @justinbieber #comearoundmechallenge

Mar 2020

bless me

Mar 2020

ironically my favorite weather is the cold