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6 hours ago

Musical theater Audition today! It's been AGES! But this is good! Making me see just what I am capable of in a very short time. . Lesson learnt, ALWAYS keep practising even if just 10-15min a day. Train as if you're training for that big role that's coming! Be prepared for it. This may take years...but imagine how good you will be having trained consistently all that time!! . I've found myself often in the mindset of 'Its never gonna happen' (the big role )', so I don't practise. I'm already in a defeated mindset! . But if I'm in a winning mindset I practise my skills daily! And prepare myself accordingly. . I'm here warming up with Boobles my little baby! I'll be singing 'Spring' by Will Reynolds, which is a hilarious song all about spring and the urges...it makes you have! ❤😋😉 . I'll record a self tape for it to share soon! . Chookas to me! . #auditiontime #audition #beprepared


'Helga in the phone callI' is doing so well! Most importantly thanks to you! THANK YOU 💋 . If you haven't watched the vid yet click the link in my bio now! . We all need a good belly laugh and I hope this brings one to you! . We're working on the next episode so stay tuned! Exciting times ahead! 👊🏽💪🏼 . #actor #comedy #entertain #thankyou


She's live on YouTube! Brand spanking new Helga episode! Link in bio! @ikkys_life #comedy #youtube #entertainement

2 days ago

Yes its happening. She's BACK! Helga - the kooky, zany, sport Olympian dance extravaganza hero of Germany is back! . Following on from her adventures fighting the evil anti hero/man baby THE MASKED MENACE, Helga is once again trying to outwit, outpunch and outpun the mystery man behind the mask! . Will she succeed!? Will she fail? Will she dance with underwear on her head? All will be revealed! . Dropping tomorrow! (Not the underwear ) . To catch up on precious episodes click the link in my bio! #helga #comedy #entertainement #actor

3 days ago

Yup! Happening! You need it. Join in. 8.30pm! @soulsounddivine #soundhealing #youneedit #worldneedsit #love

4 days ago

I've officially made my Instagram for my sound bowl healings! Follow @SoulSoundDivine for all updates and sound healing sessions from henceforth 💜 . Tomorrow's session at 8.30pm will be held on the new page so be sure to follow! . Thanks for all the love! . #soundhealing #crystalsound #divine

5 days ago

Doing yoga in the sun has been the HIGHLIGHT of my morning 🌞. I had to strip off all my grey, warm layers into my embaressing long johns in the front garden as the sun was so hot! #weirdneighbour #owningit . I imagined Adriene and me had matching outfits. I was wrong 😂 . Even though I was feeling quite BLAH I made myself do this energizing yoga and it helped boost my body and mood 100%! . I wana do heaps more yoga. Time to be disciplined with an awesome feel good routine. . Hope you all have a loooovely day and embrace your inner weirdness! . #yogawithadriene #longjohns #spring

2 weeks ago

So this is Megan! 💋 (Behind the scenes! ) . She's like the like bestest actor like EVEEERRRRR. . But she recently got rejected from yet ANOTHER acting audition and she's not taking it well... . Full video coming soon! 💄 . P.s - thank you @sennittcorinne for the name suggestion it's perfect 👍🏽 #characters #acting #like #blooper

2 weeks ago

Need a mental boost today? 🌈 Look no further! All the power is within you! . Enjoy this fun and relaxing sound bath with confidence boosting affirmations to help train your brain to KNOW that you are kick-ass! 💪🏾 . Enjoy the healing sounds of my crystal singing bowls, my 'model angel voice' (thank you @chase_that_walrus ) and your breath 🥰 . Love lots! Love yourself! You deserve it 🌿 . More info on affirmations 👇🏾 www.mindtools.com/pages/article/affirmations.htm . #love #peace #joy #affirmations #soundbath

2 weeks ago

Boobles agrees, I'M VALID AS A PERFOOORMEEEER! #singing #comedy #cavoodle

2 weeks ago

Saturday night summed up quite well...baby passed out and sleeping. So blissful! And a fast and the furious marathon 🙈 I actually like some of the ol flicks! #saturdaynight #partyanimal #lifeoftheparty #covid

2 weeks ago

Ok so I'm inventing some new characters...this is....any name ideas? . Extremely confident valley girl type actress who thinks the world aught to worship her...And why shouldn't it? She IS fab! . Making more funny stuff! Enjoy! . #actress #actor #iamthegreatest

3 weeks ago

The things we do for loooooove!💗 . Actually I was quite distressed about fellow human/hot godman Orlando Blooms baby pup going missing....that I did try and cuddle up to my baby.... . And then...HE MOVED! 💔💔💔💔 . #puppylove #funny #entertainement

3 weeks ago

Introducing my new babies! I have acquired two new bowls and they are absolutely divine! Come listen 🌟 . This meditation focus on the affirmation 'Today everything is unfolding perfectly, according to a greater plan'. . If you've been suffering anxiety from feeling as though your life isnt going anywhere, feeling stuck, or afraid of what the future might bring this simple meditation is for you. . Release the anxiety, embrace the unfolding of a greater plan 🧡 . All my love to you! . Anju 🌿 . #soundhealing #soundbowl #soundtherapy

3 weeks ago

JOIN me tonight for a relaxing sound bath focusing on releasing tension and anxiety 🌿 Give yourself 15-20mins to recharge! 💛 + PLUS special surprise revealed! ⚘ SEE YOU ALL TONIGHT @8 .30PM on my Insta live #soundhealing #meditation #youdeserveit

3 weeks ago

Had such a beautiful and sacred time in the mountains today 🙏🏽 Having watched 'The Nightingale' (a super brutual, but honest reflection of a part of Australian history ) I was once again reminded and honored to bear witness to the beautiful land we all share. And I wish to learn more from our indigenous communities who have such a beautiful connection to the land! 💛❤ I went for a short visit (as I was there on a crystal bowl mission! ), but it was sooooo beautiful and special. There's too many gorgeous photos to share!! I also have a WONDERFUL SURPRISE for my friends tomorrow night (you ) if you join me for my weekly sound healing session! Tune in at 8.30pm for a sound healing tune up tomorrow! (Wed 22 July ) Hehehe. Im very excited to share!! 🌿🤔💗 Much love and aboundings of joy and peace! Anju xx #soundhealing #mountains #escape

3 weeks ago

Question for everyone! From what you've seen of me on Instagram (or real life! ) what would you say my biggest strength is? - Acting or Singing? 🌿 Cause I get caught up in which one I 'should' focus my energy on! I actually get caught up in trying to figure out which one will give me a fulfilling artistic career! 💚 It's like dating two guys, who both are wonderful, but give you varied and different experiences when you're with them- but not knowing which one to marry! Or who will enable you to build a life with!? (I've never dated 2 men and quite frankly wouldn't want to! 🤔😂 ) 💛 Any advice, insight? Tell me your thoughts below I'd love to hear them! #question #singing #acting #career

4 weeks ago

Let me sing you a sweet crystal bowl induced lullaby to your happy place. You deserve a 20min sound bath time out! I gaurentee you feel better afterwards! 🌿🙏🏽 . Here's what happens = A Grounding meditation + deep breathing × capping it off with soothing harmonies from my crystal bowl and me 💎 = Total Zen. . Love you guys! . #love #soundhealing #meditation

5 weeks ago

Today's meditation is all about healing. Relax and sink deep into positive, healing affirmations and the soothing sound of the crystal bowl, emanating lots of love and healing to you! . I've personally struggled with a lot of health issues and have found meditation a very helpful, grounding, and soothing energy to compliment other therapies for my health. . I hope you find this meditation healing for you 🌿💎 . P.S - My sound bowl is actually SO LOUD in real life but on the video not that loud! Frequencies be crazy! 😂🤔 . #meditation #healing #energy

last month

I wrote this song a little while back, when Black Lives Matter was coming to the forefront and George Floyd had been killed. Also a friend of mine had lost one of her family members (fur baby ) and I was going through my own issues of feeling alone and afraid. . It comes from the heart of when we're reaching out for love, support and understanding. It's almost a call and response. . If no one is there to hold your hand, or listen to your cries, know that there is a power that is pure love within you. Which will always love you, help you and care for you. You need only ask. . I hope this song helps you in your time of need. . Much light and love . Anju 🌿💚🙏🏽 . @stephbeausaertphotographer 😘 love you! x

last month

I took my crystal singing bowl into the forest. . She sang so beautifully while the birds chirped and the wind blew. . It was restful for my soul. . I hope it will be restful for you too. . Put on your headphones and relax. . Love x . #singing #singingbowl #crystalsoundbowl

last month

A short meditation followed by a sound bath with vocals. . Breath in. Breath out. . Love and light to you all! . #soundbath #soundhealing #relax

last month

Yesterday I felt...down. Physically, emotionally, everything-ly. . I went into the forest with my HUGE sound bowl and carrying that thing around was a pain...Of course fear was also there, baring it's teeth. . Finally found a nice spot in a little semi cave and played the bowl (I'll upload video later ) . Although my personal sound session didn't cure my low mood or tired body, it made me see the beauty of nature all around me and find a small reprieve from my anxiety. . Also it abated fear slightly. Fear curled into a tiny ball and kinda slept a bit. . Tonight's sound session at 8.30pm on my stories (live ) will be relatively quiet and meditative. I'm mostly going to play the bowl and let it do the talking. . Come join 🌿 and find a small reprieve. . X . #light #hope #love

last month

Am I still beautiful? Now that I'm older? Now that I'm worn, now that my hearts grown colder? . Am I still beautiful? When I have fear fill my eyes, when my head quivers and shakes, when my lips tremble, when I don't feel your embrace? . Am I still beautiful? When society deems I'm through? When I don't wear your lipstick, when I don't push or prune? . Am I still beautiful, beautiful to you? With all my imperfections? My misalignments, my constructed disarrangements, my scars, my edifice of self-doubt? . Do I still make you swoon, rise and fall like the tides to the moon? Do I still make your heart skip a beat, now that I'm revealed imperfectly unique? Do I still make you wonder, want to hold me close and ponder? Just what lies beneath those murky eyes, that glitter and wane from each hour into the daybreak and dark night of the passing seasons? . Am I still beautiful, beautiful to you? Now that I'm revealed imperfect, uniquely, me to you? . Am I still beautiful, beautiful to you? . Anzjuli . #poetry #rose #davidaustinroses